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Prioritizing Your Parent/Child Relationship


  • Supervised

  • Unsupervised

  • Graduated

  • Therapeutically supervised

  • Involve a safe place of exchange

  • Involve a neutral third party

  • Vacation

  • Holiday

Access/Visitation can be in the following forms: 

Child Access

Residential or physical custody determines where the child will live. Maryland courts encourage children to have a meaningful relationship with both parents and unless the child is in danger, courts will typically grant a noncustodial parent “access” to or visitation with their children, upon request.  

Single parents can file a petition in family court to obtain access. Access can also be litigated during the divorce process. Finally, grandparents may also file a petition requesting access, under extraordinary circumstances. 
The court is required to establish an access schedule that is in the child’s best interests. If one side is interfering with custody and visitation ordered by the court, the complaining party may file a petition alleging violation of the order. The judge may change the order and/or impose sanctions on the party who failed to follow the court order. 

Can A Visitation Order Be Changed?

Either parent may file a petition to have an access order changed. The party seeking the modification must prove that there has been a material change in circumstances since the access order was established. The court will conduct a hearing to determine if the modification would be in the child’s best interests. 

Being a parent is an enormous responsibility, but it is an even greater gift. If you are having difficulty seeing your child, please contact the firm and allow us to assist you and your family. Ms. Harris has the knowledge and experience to provide the legal counsel needed to prioritize your access and visitation rights.

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