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Family Services  Info regarding Court Facilitated programs meant to help the court and you if your case involves child custody (decision-making authority or parenting time).  Services available vary by county.

Parenting Plans  The court requires parties to submit a parenting plan in any Maryland case that involves the custody of a child.  Click here to learn more.

Custody Evaluations and Assessments  Available in High Conflict Custody Cases. Custody & visitation-related assessments provide valuable evidence to the court in case involving disagreement over when a child spends time with each parent (called parenting time, access, or physical custody) or how major decisions about them will be made (called decision-making authority or legal custody). 

Mediation – Is typically Court ordered. However, with recent changes in Maryland Law, mediation could expediate the divorce process by facilitating an agreement prior to filing your case.   

High Conflict Parenting Programs – Online program to facilitate communication, effective co-parenting and child centered interactions.

Parenting Programs/Courses – Online Program for Parents 

Courses for Children Coping with Divorce Online Program For Children

Family Law Court Forms – Common forms in Maryland Family Law Cases.

Online Learning Resources

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