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Prioritizing Your Golden Years


No matter the cause, a divorce later in life is likely to have complicating factors.  A spouse in their 50s or 60s who has never worked may have trouble supporting themselves.  Social security benefits should be considered, as well as survivor benefits for all retirement accounts.  What happens when an 

elderly spouse is infirm or experiencing the cognitive defects associated with age?

Greyer divorces may require third party oversight, such as court appointed guardians to ensure that a spouse that can longer make sound decision for themselves are protected in the legal process.   

A divorce later in life may difficult but worth it.   You don't have to deal with it alone.  Let us show you how to prioritize your golden years. 

Couples married for over 20 years grow apart, have empty nest syndrome or experience grief after their adult children move out. Other reasons for grey divorces include infidelity or the need for financial independence. 

Grey Divorce

Grey divorce typically involves a separation between older couples over the age of 50. Grey divorce is the fastest growing category of divorcing couples.  Nowadays, divorce does not carry the same stigma as it did for previous generations. Married couples in unhappy relationships want to seek new relationships.

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