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Name/Gender Identity Change Information

  • Name Changes on Social Security Number Card. FAQ on how to update the name on your social security card after a legal name change due to marriage, divorce, court order, or any other reason. From the United States Social Security Administration.

  • Maryland Law – Change of Name formally change your name after getting married, after a divorce, or by asking the court for a change of name for your self or your child.

  • Judicial Declaration of Gender Identity Obtaining a  court order officially stating (affirming) Your gender (gender identity, gender marker, sex/gender designation).

  • Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles - Requests to change or correct the information as it appears on your license, learner's permit, identification (ID) card, or moped operator’s permit.

Child Abuse and Neglect Resources

Adoption Resources

General Family Law Guides & Resources

  • ABA Guide to Family Law. Online book on premarital and post-marital agreements, marriage, children, divorce, alimony, child support, child custody and visitation. From the American Bar Association.

  • Family Law. Repository of links to state statutes about children and marital and domestic relations. From the Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell Law School.

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