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Prioritizing Your New Beginning


Whether your divorce is contested or by mutual consent; if your family requires mediation or a collaborative approach; the path to success is universal.   Get clear about your goal, develop a plan, and do the work.   Ms.  Harris has two decades of experience in ensuring that her divorce client’s Priorities are Prioritized.  

While path to Divorce is much less complex, finances, child concerns and emotions can complicate this process.  No two Divorces are the same. Some are easy to resolve, and others come with countless complexities. A skilled attorney is able to navigate a variety of situations.  Wherever your family’s situation falls on the spectrum, our team is prepared to assist.


On October 1, 2023, Divorce Laws changed dramatically in Maryland.   Divorcing spouses are no longer required to prove fault to obtain a divorce.   There is no longer a waiting period to file, when the parties agree on important issues such as custody, support, and property.  If the parties do not agree on all issues, the period of “separation” is only 6 months.  Finally, spouses that cannot afford to live separately can continue to cohabitate during the divorce process.   

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