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Prioritizing Your Children


Custody can be the most troublesome issue of any family proceeding.  Family courts take numerous factors into consideration when determining child custody.  Some of the common factors taken into consideration include the following: 

1. Preferences of the child 

2. Parental courtroom behavior 

3. Any history of child abuse or neglect 

4. Parents’ age, health, and financial stability 

5. Mental and emotional stability of both the child and the parents

Tatarsha can provide experienced and insightful representation throughout your child custody proceedings. Protecting your rights as well as your child’s best interest is the only priority. We will put our extensive experience in family law to use to help you attain a result that is in your child’s best interest. 

Additionally, as children mature, finances change, and parents remarry, your existing child custody orders may require modification.  Other concerns such as parental alienation, relocation, and obstructed visitation may require immediate court action. 

Your children are your priority.  Experienced and insightful representation throughout your child custody proceedings is necessary to protect your rights as well as your child’s best interests. Contact our firm today to arrange a case evaluation.

  • Physical Custody is defined by the overnights spent with each parent.  Courts enter custody orders requiring children to spend all overnights with one parent, equally dividing overnights between both parents or other arrangements anywhere in between.   Physical Custody is important to preserve the parent child bond and to support the general mental and physical health of the child. However, physical custody also impacts other aspects of a divorce case which include, support and maintenance, use and possession of the marital home and property division.

  • Legal custody is the right to make decisions regarding the well-being of the child, including education, health care, religion, and other important factors. Deciding how your child shows up in the world is a right that is fundamental to parenthood.  However, courts can exclude one parent from decision making, or grant tie-breaking authority to one parent if both cannot agree.  


Maryland Courts favor custodial arrangements that foster a genuine connection between parents and their children, while serving the child’s best interests. As such, there are two aspects of “custody” -  Legal Custody and Physical Custody.  

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